STRUCTURES: Model "RADSNR 4" Oval shaped of double channel separated. Made of high resistance aluminum sheet with reinforced superstructure due to constant precision weld. The structure is designed to obtain great capacity with a low center of gravity and minimum possible tare.

INTERIOR: As a safety feature the interior of the body is divided into individual compartments to avoid displacement or shifting of load.

It has several separating panels which act as boosters of the structure and allow transport of different types of materials. In the low cavity of the double channel are worm gears made of reinforced steel. It has a manual lid in the bottom back part for unloading in a chute; hydraulic hatches which guarantee great fixity.

EXTERIOR: Is made of a one-piece aluminum panel, no clinches, holes nor any way for water to escape or intrude, avoiding any corrosion. The auto body is attached to the chassis by being integrated to the base of the vat by means of its inferior structure.